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Tur Hakkında

  • Free transfer from hotel
  • Sauna
  • Menthol steam room
  • Jacuzzi (water massage)
  • Salt room
  • Peeling massage
  • Foam massage with Olive Oil Soap
  • Therapy massage with special creams (30 minutes)
  • Face mask (personalized)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Transfer back to hotel

Turkish Bath called ‘’ Hamam’’ in Turkish,and is a folk tradition that has become on integral part of culture. Turkish Baths are places that are ideal for washing and cleaning your body with hot water and soap.

Rubbing the Body while sweating in the bath makes the blood circulation easier and gives a feeling of comfort to human body which is beneficial to health.Turkish Bath revitalize your body and soul.
Our Hamam provide service to men and women in the same time. First you will come to dressing places.There are places called ‘seki’ where you can lie in the dressing area.

After undressing you can store your clothes and valuables in your own locker.You then wrap your body in ‘Peştamal’ a traditional towel that is provided you before walking to the hot bathing areas.

You wil start with sauna or steam room,after then you will use heated marble block in the middle of Hamam.Lying down on the marble,after sweating you will get your peeling,foam massage,oil massage.
In the end of bathing you will feel your self relaxed,younger and dynamic.

Dont Forget: Swimwear.

Adres & İletişim Bilgileri

Çarşı Mahallesi, Seral Sokak, Yuca Apt. No: 10/B, ALANYA - ANTALYA

Telefon: 0242 511 11 08

Telefon: 905320511562


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