Alanya Tekne Turu (Barbekü Öğle Yemeği + İçecekler)

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Alanya Tekne Turu (Barbekü Öğle Yemeği + İçecekler) Foto Galeri

Tur Hakkında

  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Departure of the pirate yacht in Alanya from the starting point – the city port
  • Boat trip along the Alanya Peninsula
  • Inspection of the famous caves of Alanya: Phosphorus, Pirate, Clay and Lovers’ Cave
  • Funny pirate animation on board with games and music
  • Foam disco show on the deck of a ship
  • Walk along the famous beaches of the region: Ulash, Pasha, Cleopatra Beach
  • Five stops for swimming in the open sea throughout the journey
  • Delicious dinner from the captain
  • Return to the port of Alanya
  • Way back to the hotel

Relax a whole day on our boat and see the most beautyfull beaches of Alanya.

Cruise along the fantastic coastline of Alanya and take in all the secret sights you can only see by sea. We’ll take you out on boat from the Harbour and along the ancient shipping dockyards.

From there you,will cruise along the famous penninsula and get to explore the variety of hidden caves and dive into the warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
Our program beging at 09:30 and until 16:30.We will drive you from harbour until to new Marina.We will stops in open seafort to swim in dark blue water-you ever might see the famous mediterranean dolphins…than your day has been lucky!

Lunch will be prepared an served at the boat.Including lunch with softdrinks and insurance. Also you can buy alcholic drinks at the bar.
Make a fantastic Boat Trip with us,enjoy the turquoise coast and bays of the city.See the caretta caretta. If you are in lucky day you can see also a real free dolphines swimming with the boat .

You can see the historical castle from the sea and many caves where you can swimm in,all the natural beauty .Make your Alanya Holiday aperfect and unforgetable with our boat trips.
We have several types of pleasure boats.Catamaran Boat,Pirates Boat,Party Boat,Relax Boat.We provides such a wide choice of sea tours that will satisfy even the most refined tastes of our customers.

Don't Forget : Take along Swimsuits, Towels, Sunglasses, Sun Cream, Hats. 

Adres & İletişim Bilgileri

Çarşı Mahallesi, Seral Sokak, Yuca Apt. No: 10/B, ALANYA - ANTALYA

Telefon: 0242 511 11 08

Telefon: 905320511562


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